A great insight

Oh. Aye, it's a very good podcast with all the wee insights and that. Seriously it's great to listen too and hear how each person gets they impressions.


A joy to listen to! Wonderful sketches - loved Boris' non-sleaze party!

A Delight

There are no duds in this series about a much under-rated professions.


Love this Podcast! The ancient art form of Impressionism is alive and well here. Kate O’Sullivan is one of the best in her craft. So thankful you interviewed her. Was wonderful hearing her insights and sage advice. Please have her come back for another episode. Special request: please ask Kate to do her journey through the British Isles with her changing accents along the way. It’s absolutely brilliant. Keep up the great work with this sensational podcast.

My secret getaway between the ears

As a professional voice talent, I am fascinated by the instrument that allows me to make a living. There are plenty of shows where musicians talk about their instruments, but Making an Impression is one of the very few programs dedicated to the artful manipulation of our vocal folds. I love getting a behind the scenes look at how impressionists develop their characters, and what they struggle with. My favorite part is when the host manages to tease impressions out of his guests. One word of warning. This show is as addictive as a good book: once you start reading it, you can't put it down.

Fascinating interviews about a very misunderstood art form

Interviewer Simon Lipson may be hard on himself, but he's very gracious towards his guests, who are influential and accomplished impressionists who make their living sounding anything like themselves. He asks very interesting questions about the skill and actual day to day practice of celebrity impersonations and voice acting, and gets his guests to demonstrate their remarkable skills. Very enjoyable indeed.

Fabulous insights. And you’ll be able to do McKellen!

Amazing insights. You really know these people because the interviewer (a) knows the business and (b) knows to let the interviewee speak.

Impresses me

I think this a great Podcast as it shows how many different approaches to Doing impressions there are. Well Presented with Great Guests on it.


Love this. So many great guests. Great to hear how open and helpful they are to one another throughout their careers too!